United States of Industry: Who sells what?

US Industry - Texas oil well

The U.S. is a giant of global industry, generating almost $190 billion from exports alone in August 2016. Many states have a dominant industry – consider the association between California and tech or Alaska and oil – so read on to learn what our most popular rental states are doing extraordinarily well.


Boston, Massachusetts: East Coast on business

Boston skyline

Few cities have contributed as much to American history as Boston. The Boston Tea Party led to the formation of the country; its anti-slavery movement was hugely influential during the Civil War in the 1860s; funding of a national railroad network began here with the aim of uniting the nation; Massachusetts biotech scientists continue to advance the fields of medicine and agriculture. In short, Boston remains central to the development of this great nation.


Jewel of the Midwest: Chicago for business travellers

Jetskiing on Lake Michigan, Chicago

The Midwest is unmistakably a base for American industry, with many internationally-recognised companies like McDonald’s, Boeing and Sears setting up their headquarters in Chicago. The Loop, Chicago’s central business district, is awash with sharply-dressed finance professionals, but travel a short distance eastward and you’ll find a world-class aquarium, a planetarium and the famous Millenium Park, and the blue waters of Lake Michigan beyond. This contrast typifies the Chicagoland area, and the idea that a working trip can be about more than just business. (more…)

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